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My name's Jack, though I'm better known online as TreesenHauser due to its use as my gamer tags and such. Here I'll post random crap about video games mostly though sometimes I'll talk about movies and music.

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  2. My Wal-Mart Adventure: Used Games Central

    Recently, Wal-Mart made headline in the gaming industry when they announced that they would enter the used games market.  A while back they began accepting used game trade-ins in exchange for gift cards, and now the time has come to distribute these used games to their many stores across the country.

    My cousin works at the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Albion, New York and told me that used games are now available there.  Despite my lack of proper funds for this kind of thing ($16.40) I decided to at least make a visit to scope it out and take a few pictures.

    As you can see, their selection of games mainly comprise of newer titles, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad selection really.  Chances are you’ll find at least ONE game there that makes you want to throw your money at the cashier.

    Whether you’re seeking Wii, DS, 3DS, PS3, Xbox 360, or even Xbox One or PS4 games, there’s something for everyone… except for Vita owners, unfortunately, because (at least for now) there aren’t any used Vita games—chances are that’ll change quickly though.

    Having a decent variety of games on different platforms is good and all, but what about pricing?  Most of the games I saw there, like Bioshock Infinite and Resident Evil Revelations, were $12.96, while some of the more shovelware titles like that Disney Princesses game or Club Penguin were going for about $7.96.  So if you’re expecting to find something REAL cheap, better off looking on Amazon or maybe a pawn shop.

    I took a few more individual shots for viewing purposes.

    Battlefield 4 on PS4, going for $32.96.  Make of that price what you will.

    The Star Trek game on either platform going for $7.96.  Heard it got bad reviews, but if you’ve been wanting to try it perhaps the asking price is reasonable.

    Pokémon White Version 2 for $27.96.  A bit steep, but at least it’s there.

    I was so close to buying Sonic Colors for $12.96, but I declined.  Sure I have enough for it, technically, but I don’t see this flying off the shelf.  Prove me wrong, Internet.

    One last picture… of the only Wii U title available on their used games shelf.  Perhaps it’s a good sign of the good quality of Wii U software?  Either way, it’s $12.96 for Epic Mickey 2.

    I failed to get individual snaps of 3DS titles, but they did have Paper Mario: Sticker Star for $17.96 used.

    And that was my adventure checking out the used game selection at my local Wal-Mart.  The trip ended with me buying a $1 bottle of water and heading home wishing I had a little more of an expendable income.  But anywho, hope my post gave you some insight as to what Wal-Mart’s doing with their used game stockpile now.

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    whenever i post a text post on tumblr


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I can relate to this


    I can relate to this

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    having good memories with people who treated you like shit is the absolute worst

    Yeah. :\

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  13. Zelda U looks amazing!

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  15. Unnecessary family drama on a Saturday.  Gotta love it! #sarcasm

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    Nintendo Handheld.
    by Ryan Beck.

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